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While we have divided our maintenance website pages into Owner (Indoor) and Chateaux (Outdoor) responsibilities, it is not always that clear a division. Contact the Chateaux Property Manager if you have a question on a specific issue.

Do not use anything on this website as support for the Chateaux to pay for repairs or maintenance. Consult the Chateaux Property Manager before contacting any person or company if you expect the Chateaux du Lac Condominiums to pay for the service or work.

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For a Chateaux outdoor maintenance request:
Call or e-mail the Chateaux Property Manager:

(407) 628-1086

During evening and holiday hours, an automated system may answer the phone.

Please leave a message that includes:

1.) Your name
2.) Phone number
3.) That you are calling about Chateaux du Lac Condominiums
4.) The nature of your maintenance request.

For a non-emergency maintenance request,
E-mail the same contact information as above to:

HMI First Advisors
760 Florida Central Pkwy, Longwood, Florida


Chateaux du Lac Condominiums Association, Inc., will not be responsible for payment of any work or service that a unit owner or resident authorized without Chateaux management's prior approval.


Information provided on this Chateaux du Lac Condominiums website is a general guideline. State, County and Local ordinances, along with the Chateaux du Lac documents provide the definitive details of where responsibilities sit.


Check with the Chateaux du Lac (CDL) Property Manager for the actual breakout of responsibilities of any particular maintenance issue.


Water lines, their connections, and or shut off/on valves that are not inside a unit wall, floor, or ceiling are the responsibility of the unit owner. In addition, toilets, shower pans, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, dishwashers and their connections, water heaters and connections to/from the water heater, etc., are the responsibility of the unit owner.


Plumbing issues are commonly only addressed by The Association if the issue involves more than one condo unit or in certain instances where the water pipe leaks inside a unit wall. The Association could be responsible for the repair of the water line leak in the wall, and the replacement of the drywall. However, the Chateaux documents declare that the unit owner is responsible for any coating on the drywall (or floor or ceiling). This would include, among other coverings: paint, wallpaper, tile, stucco, vinyl, carpet, etc.


The Chateaux is not responsible for items that service only your unit, such as your air conditioner. Even when the equipment is physically located outside of the condo unit it supports, the repair or replacement cost is the individual unit owner's responsibility.


Examples of this would include the condo unit's main electrical power breaker in the outdoor electrical box;  The power line running from the outdoor main electrical box to the condo unit's indoor electrical breaker panel; The air conditioner compressor and it's indoor and outdoor Freon lines; Outdoor wall power switch for and near the AC compressor; The cement pad the AC rests on, and other associated equipment


Additional items that remain the responsibility of the individual unit owner include the individual unit's windows, frames, screens, and sliding glass door with its frame and screen


The unit owner is also responsible for both the front and back entrance doors and locks to their condo unit and all interior doors and locks within the unit. The Association is responsible for the building's front and rear entrance doors leading outside the building.


While the Association is responsible for the US Postal mailbox unit located in the front door hallway of each residential building, the unit owner is responsible for the keys and key lock for their individual mail slot.


Check with your insurance agent or your condo insurance policy to see if there are "time-limits" for select appliances in your unit.


Some condo owner insurance policies are very specific on the type of water damage the policy will cover. Some insurance companies will not cover a water heater (or other appliance such as a dishwasher) that is over ten (10) years old.


Several insurance companies will cover water damage if the water heater or other appliance water line bursts and produces a lot of water at one time but may not provide coverage if the leak is slow and occurs unnoticed over a longer period of time.


In addition, some insurance companies will not cover damages if the unit is unoccupied for a prolonged time period unless the insurance company was previously notified in writing that the condo unit is or will be unoccupied for an extended period of time.


To assess responsibilities, look over the Chateaux du Lac Declaration of Condominium document. Owners of each unit should have a personal copy of all Chateaux documents, obtained at the sale closing when the condo unit was purchased.


Select Chateaux documents are available in PDF form for free downloading from the Chateaux property manager's website.

A printed-on-paper Chateaux documents package is also available for purchase from the Chateaux Property Management company.

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