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Chateaux Life

In the Chateaux clubhouse across from the laundry room, you will find bookcases filled with books and magazine that residents have left for other residents to enjoy. Feel free to read and return books and magazines to our Residents Lending Library.

Do not drink or play in landscaping sprinkler water. The Chateaux sprinkler system uses un-filtered water directly from Lake Killarney. Well, it is a little filtered - enough to keep from sprinkling fish onto the lawn.

Submit a maintenance request if landscape sprinklers spray your vehicle. Include your condo unit and parking space numbers in your request.

Improperly parked vehicles can be towed at vehicle owners expenses without further notice.


Guests may park in spaces marked with a V throughout the property, or in parking spaces with no marking at all next to the eastern property line fence.

Waste Pro garbage truck drivers will not exit their truck to pick up items left near the dumpsters.

Chateaux du Lac has four dumpster locations on the property near buildings 1,9,12, and 20. These dumpsters are emptied Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, excluding holidays.

Winter Park, Florida, does not provide environmental dumpsters to multi-family buildings such as condominiums and apartments.

Please break down the cardboard boxes before placing into the dumpster. This allows room for your neighbors to use the dumpster as well.

All items must be placed into the dumpster, not next to the dumpster. Unit Owners will be charged any additional cost to have items removed that were placed near the dumpsters instead of in the dumpsters.

It is against the law in Winter Park, Florida, to place household furniture or construction debris inside residential trash dumpsters.
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Laundry equipment takes US quarters only.
In March 2021, the top loading washers are $1.25 for a wash of approximately thirty (30) minutes, depending upon water temperature chosen. The top loading washers have no separate detergent and softener liquids fill drawers.

After putting detergent into the washer, start the washer by lowering the lid, then insert five quarters, select the temperature and press the Start button.

The top loading washer will stop whenever the top lid is opened, and auto restart when the lid is lowered. This allows one to fill water into the washer to mix with detergent, then lift lid to place clothes in washer and lower the lid to wash.

The timers on the washers will stop when the door is opened. If you pull clothes out before the final spin cycle completes, please lower the top lid back down so the washer will complete the cycle and be ready for the next person.

The single front-loading washer costs $1.75 per wash. The wash cycle is a bit over thirty minutes. The front-loading washer does have a pull-out detergent and softener liquids drawer on the right front of the washer above the clothes door.


We have eight clothes dryers.

Six of the dryers cost $1.00 for forty-five (45) minutes and will not start until all four quarters are inserted, the door closed, and the start button is pushed.

If the person observes their clothes are not quite dry enough as the dryer time shutdown nears, the dryer will accept one or more quarters and add twelve minutes of heat for each additional quarter inserted.

The gas heater in the dryer will turn off three minutes before the dryer time ends to allow a cool down to assist in wrinkle reduction. Adding a quarter before time runs out will restart the heater in the dryer.

Each dryer can normally handle two regular laundry loads from the washers.

The two dryers on the left end (top and bottom dryers farthest from entrance door) are "Top Off" dryers and will start with only one quarter inserted and run for over twelve (12) minutes.

These two Top Off dryers are designed to provide a short, heated cycle time for a small wash load that does not require a full 45-minute dryer time or a little extra dryer time for a large load where some items didn't get completely dry in one of the other six dryers.

Unlike the washers, the dryer timers do not stop when their doors are opened. The drum will stop turning, and heat will turn off, but the timer will continue to count down.

To restart a dryer when a person opens a dryer door to remove lint, or check dryness of clothes, the person must close the dryer door, and touch the Start button. If the Start button is not pushed after the door is closed, the dryer will not operate, though the timer will be counting down.

Eight dryers are feeding into one lint / heat exhaust pipe. It is a large pipe; however, your selected dryer might dry quicker if one or more dryers next to your dryer are not in use, and you open neighboring dryer doors a smidge (as shown). This allows the moisture to exit your dryer quicker.

Should a washer or dryer not operate properly, please contact the laundry equipment company directly. The telephone number is in the laundry area. The Solon telephone help desk will ask for the washer and or dryer number located on the top or front of each individual unit.

A repair technician will not be sent unless they receive a phone call about a non-working unit.

The laundry equipment company is responsible for re-imbursement of any money lost in the washer or dryers.

Please help us keep our laundry costs down by turning off lights and fans when you leave the laundry room and no one else is there.
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The Chateaux has a large pool holding almost fifty-thousand gallons of water. The pool is heated during the winter months, usually around mid-November into April. Obviously, heating times are dependent upon weather conditions.

We have a pool maintenance company clean and test for proper chemical rates every Monday and Friday. During the summer months, the pool is also checked and cleaned on Wednesdays.

The pool company pool service attendant usually arrives somewhere between nine and ten in the morning. During these visits, chemicals, such as chlorine, may have to be added to the pool water to bring the pool back into proper balance.

To reduce skin irritation and swimsuit bleaching it is suggested no one enters the pool for several hours after chemicals are disbursed into the pool. This gives the chemicals time to spread out and dilute so as to diminish any eye, hair, or skin reaction.

A condominium pool is required to follow all Florida and local regulations for public pools, even though only residents and their guests may use the pool. In part, Florida Regulations, enforced by the Board of Health, require the pool to have marked designations both on top of the water, and on the pool floor, where the pool depth begins to increase from shallow to deep water.

This is a safety issue for children and adults that are not excellent swimmers.

The bottom of our pool depth change is marked by a contrasting tile line across the pool floor. The top line is a rope, with multiple floats to maintain the rope on top of the water. The rope is attached to each side by a hook.
The hook design is used so those wishing to swim laps in the pool from end to end can unhook the rope, re-connecting the rope when finished.

Unfortunately some people using the pool are sitting on the rope, and/or unhooking the rope and then not re-connecting the rope when they leave the pool.

The Chateaux pool is inspected by the Florida Board of Health, and they have written the Chateaux pool up for not having a rope attached across the pool. The Florida Board of Health has the authority to close the Chateaux pool if this continues.

Our other option is to permanently attach the rope so it can not be removed by swimmers, even if they wish to swim laps. This would not be our first choice as a course of action.

Please always reconnect the rope to each side before you leave the pool.
We also request no one sit on the rope, because the rope is nylon and will stretch and break, and the floats attached to the rope, when submerged by the force of this weight, can fill with water and have to be replaced. New ropes, floats, and their reinstallation costs the Chateaux money, not to mention fines.

As well, the Chateaux has three life rings hanging on the fence and wall around the pool. These are not toys and must not be used unless a swimmer requires help in an emergency. A tangled up rope on a life ring might make the life ring difficult to use to throw out to a swimmer in need, and then pull the swimmer to the side and safety.

And lastly, NO GLASS is allowed within the pool area. If glass gets into the pool, by law, the pool must be drained to ensure all glass is removed from the floor bottom. This is a major and expensive undertaking.

The Chateaux has only one source of money to pay for expenses; and that is the Chateaux unit owners with their monthly assessment for Common Area maintenance. As costs increase, so do monthly fees and rents.

Enjoy your pool. Be safe.
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Residents must provide their own hose and supplies.

Please use a water conserving nozzle. Residents may wash their car on Chateaux property in locations where detergents and chemicals in the wash water do not directly flow into Lake Killarney or into driveway storm water drain lines.

To avoid this potential impact, pull your car into a parking area that does not slope / drain to either Lake Killarney directly, or into a storm water drain, as this water runoff flows directly into the lake.

Storm water drains in neighboring parking lots, such as the Winter Park Center shopping center across Gay Road, and our neighborhoods streets, such as Country Club, Lake Front and Gay Roads, drain directly to special drain pits into Lake Killarney.

These catch basins collect hard waste such as plastic cups, but not chemicals such as car washing detergents and oils.

Keeping your car in good working order reduces the amount of oil, coolant and fuels that end up on our driveways where the chemicals are easily carried away by storm water to Lake Killarney.

All watercraft parked on Chateaux du Lac Condominium property, with or without a motor, must be owned by a current resident of Chateaux du Lac Condominiums.

The resident's name must be on a proper Chateaux du Lac accepted lease or property title. Watercraft with motors must be registered in the State of Florida and have current insurance and decals.

The Chateaux will provide the watercraft owner and resident with a parking location for the boat or jet ski if and when a boat parking space is available. Spaces are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Winter Park, Florida, ordinances prohibit a water craft or its trailer to be parked in a manner where the boat or trailer can be viewed from a street. Failure to follow the ordinance can result in fines from the city.

The Chateaux du Lac Condominiums Association is not licensed nor insured as a public boat ramp operator. Thus, we can not allow non-resident use of the boat ramp or parking. 

Please contact the Chateaux du Lac property manager to get the forms that must be completed before your watercraft can be parked on property or use the boat ramp.

Safety for All and All for Safety
The Chateaux is proud to have a diverse group of residents calling Chateaux du Lac home.

Some residents require the use of walkers, canes, or wheelchairs when navigating our sidewalks. Please ensure  your vehicle's bumper does not block the sidewalk when parking.

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Chateaux Board of Directors Monthly Meetings
Second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM
Chateaux Clubhouse / 2nd floor.

Chateaux Board Member elections are held during the annual Association Members Meeting in February each year. All Chateaux condo unit owners are members, though only one person per condo unit may vote.

Each December the Chateaux begins the Annual Meeting and Board Member election process.

All Chateaux du Lac condominium designated unit owners will be mailed a Chateaux Information Package. This package will be mailed to the person designated as the voting member of a unit if the unit has more than one name on the condo unit title. The package will be sent to their last registered address with the Chateaux property management company.

This package will include budget and monthly maintenance fee information for the upcoming year. Other information will include the date, time, and location of the Chateaux du Lac Condominium's Annual Meeting for all unit owners; member voting information; the Agenda for the meeting, along with other important information.

Residents that wish to become a Chateaux Board Member can complete a form found in the December package, and return it to the Chateaux Property Manager before the deadline date specified in the package.

Each January, all Chateaux designated unit owners will receive a second package that will include names and other information submitted by residents wishing to become Chateaux Board Members.

The Chateaux Annual Meeting is held in February each year. At the Annual Meeting, election votes will be tabulated and board members for the year will be announced, along with any other vote totals for items on the agenda.

It is best to come to the Annual Meeting to hear first hand any new information affecting all unit owners and residents; However, if a unit owner can not attend, please complete the proxy in your package and return it to the Chateaux Property Manager before the meeting date.

Read our Chateaux documents to review the entire process.

What is a Florida condominium ?

A person buys a condominium unit (apartment) just as one would purchase a house. Instead of paying rent each month, a condominium owner agrees with all other condo owners to share maintenance expenses for everything the Association owns or leases outside each residential unit. This is similar to a Home Owners Association (HOA) fee.

Simply stated, each person owns and is responsible for everything in his respective apartment, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

This includes all floor and wall coverings, appliances, furniture, and fixtures.
Each unit owner also has joint ownership of the "Common Elements". These areas include all of the land the condominium complex owns, as well as areas outside of an apartment. These areas can include building exteriors, roofs, driveways, hallways, laundry room, clubhouse, pool, landscaping, grounds, etc.

Expenses for maintaining the common areas are paid by a monthly "assessment". This assessment, commonly referred to as a maintenance fee, is defined yearly by the Board of Directors. Each unit owner pays according to the governing documents of the condominium.

When comparing fees from various condominiums, one needs to review what the resident receives for the monthly fee. The monthly fee may or may not include such utilities as water / trash pickup / cable TV, etc. These items may be included in the monthly maintenance fee, or billed directly to unit owners by the utility. Usually, the more utilities and amenities that are in the monthly fee -- the higher that fee.

Also included in the monthly fee are reserve monies. Reserves are accounts set up to pay for maintenance items that do not occur on a yearly basis. Examples of reserves include building painting, parking lot paving, roof replacement, etc. Florida law requires reserves for all such large items, unless the condo association members (unit owners) vote to not fund or only partially fund the reserves each year.

Condominiums in the State of Florida operate under Florida Condominium laws as Not-For-Profit corporations, and must abide by all laws governing such corporations.

While residents may volunteer to manage their condominium complex, any person receiving pay for managing a condo complex must be licensed by the State of Florida.

Common areas are governed by a Board of Directors (volunteers) normally comprised of and voted upon by unit owners.

What Florida statute governs a condominium?
Title XL, Chapter 718 (2020).

Why is there a "x" at the end our name Chateaux?
Although the French word for 'chateau' was generally translated in English as castle in earlier decades, it is more likely today to mean a country house or a manor house where royalty live.

Adding the letter X to the end of a word in French makes the word plural. Thus, our residents are royalty that live in ninety-two separate manor homes by the lake.

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